Travel Resources

The following travel resources will not only help you book flights and hotels, but save money when doing so! In addition, there are resources for when you are at your destination, such as discounts on tours and city passes (see attractions at a single smaller price, than paying for each separately).



Since 2005, CheapOair has been a leading provider of airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars and vacation packages through its extensive partnerships with top travel brands and a wide breadth of inventory.

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Back to Top® offers more than 140,000 properties in 60 countries – from hotels and B&B’s to condos and all-inclusive resorts. also specializes in providing accommodations during sold-out periods. We know the hotel experience is an important part of your trip, so offers travelers the information they need to book the perfect trip–all backed by the Price Match Guarantee. Canada

Back to Top features more Las Vegas travel choices than any other website! With you can book hotels, airfare, tours and shows, plus find attractions and entertainment spots like clubs.

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Find Deals


Hotelwatchdog, featured in Conde Nast, Bloomberg and the Los Angeles Times, is the hotel search product on perennial media and traveler-favorite The site uses a complicated algorithm to analyze millions of details to find the very best hotel values and serve up only the best of the best.

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City Passes

Paris City Pass

The Paris Pass is a sightseeing card which gives holders FREE ENTRY to over 60 sights and tourist attractions in Paris for an once off small price!

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New York City Pass

The New York City Pass is a sightseeing card which gives holders FREE ENTRY to over 80 sights and tourist attractions in New York City for an once off small price!

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London City Pass

The London Pass is a sightseeing card which gives holders FREE ENTRY to over 60 sights and tourist attractions in London, England for an once off small price!

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Dublin City Pass

The Dublin Pass is a sightseeing card which gives holders FREE ENTRY to over 30 sights and tourist attractions in Dublin, Ireland for an once off small price!

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Berlin City Pass

The Berlin Pass is a sightseeing card which gives holders FREE ENTRY to over 55 sights and tourist attractions in Dublin, Ireland for an once off small price!

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Affordable Hotels

Motel 6

Founded in 1962, Motel 6 is a major chain of budget motels. It has more than 1,100 locations in the United States and Canada. Pets stay free at Motel 6. If you are looking for an affordable stay while you solo travel, Motel 6 will leave the lights on for you.

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Contiki Tours

Contiki is the worldwide leader in tours for ages 18-35s. Offering an unbeatable mix of sightseeing and culture in over 40 countries across 6 continents, we create hassle-free vacations for like-minded people who share a passion for discovering amazing places. We’re trusted by travellers all over the world.

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Adobe Creative Cloud software offers the most innovative tools for creating digital media. With Adobe Creative Cloud for photography, you will take your travel photography to the next level. You’ll be proud to share your travel photographs with your friends, family and on your travel blog.

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KelbyOne is the world’s leading and most trusted source for Photoshop and photography online training. KelbyOne gives you access to thousands of online classes and videos from photography experts. Learn photography and make your photographs flawless.

Bonus! 10% off books by using coupon KOBOOKCJ

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Front-end Checklist for Websites

Use the following checklist for pre-launch websites or websites that are already live. This checklist is for the front-end of your website or blog, and are based on Google’s Progressive Web App Checklist.

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  • HTTP/2 is being used
  • CDN is used for assets
  • CDN is used for static resources
  • Cookie-less domain used for static files
  • DNS prefetching is used
    • <link rel="preload" as="script">
    • <link rel="dns-prefetch">


  • JavaScript files combined into one file
  • JavaScript is minified
  • JavaScript is compressed
  • No inline JavaScript
  • CSS files combined into one file
  • CSS is minified
  • CSS is compressed
  • CSS has no use of @import
  • No inline CSS
  • HTML is minified
  • Static files are compressed with gzip or brotli
  • Static files are server-side pre-compressed
  • HTML is compressed with gzip or brotli
  • Usage of correct image formats
  • Usage of responsive images
  • Images are optimized
  • Image size served is only what is required
  • Image are cached in the browser
  • SVG files are minized
  • SVG files are used where possible
  • Only fonts that are used are loaded
  • Browser cache is used efficiently
  • ETags is not used
  • Expires, cache-control and max-age headers for static resources is set to 1 year
  • Asychronous or deferred loading of non-critical content
  • Tracking scripts loaded asynchronously


Usually I measure the main pages of a project here.

  • Count of all files
  • Size of all files combined
  • Download time of the page
  • Google Page Speed analysis (Desktop, Mobile and Mobile UX; x of 100)
  • SpeedIndex

Rendering Performance

  • Intrinsic image sizes are specified in the markup
  • CSS is loaded in the document head
  • Scripts are loaded at the end of the document
  • Scripts are loaded with defer-attribute
  • Scripts are loaded in the document head after styles are loaded
  • Scrolling is possible with 60fps
  • No usage of document.write
  • CSS animation causing layout(reflow) is not heavily used

Device performance

  • CPU usage
  • Memory usage
  • GPU usage


  • Website is loading on all current desktop browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, IE11, EDGE)
  • Website is loading on all current mobile browser (Chrome for Android, iOS Safari)
  • For Shops: Checkout is usable on all necessary devices and browsers
  • Viewport Meta Tag is used correctly
  • Usage of correct input types


  • Pages can be indexed
  • Mobile version of website is available
  • Sitemap is available
  • Structured-Data is used where possible
  • Headlines used
  • Headlines in correct order
  • Meta descriptions used
  • Meta keywords used
  • Meta title is filled correctly
  • Keywords used in headlines
  • Images use the alt-attribute
  • Links use a title-attribute
  • Links in navigation do not use title-attribute
  • No Duplicate Content
  • Usage of absolute URLs
  • Internal links point to HTTPS version of page
  • Redirects are done with 301
  • No 404-errors
  • No 500-errors
  • Canonical Tags are used if applicable
  • Ratio of code and content is around 25% for shop pages and 50% for content pages
  • Affiliate links have rel="nofollow"
  • Website uses HTTPS


  • Color Contrast is good (WCAG 2.0)
  • WAI-ARIA roles are used
  • Usage of accessible elements like nav, footer, aside
  • URLs are accessible
  • Keyboard accessibility is available
  • Correct input types are used


  • HTTPS is used
  • There is no mixed content on the pages
  • External plugins and trackings get loaded via HTTPS
  • Robots.txt is in use
  • Cross-Site-Scripting is not possible
  • HSTS Header is set
  • Content-Security-Policy is set and only allows specific hosts and no inline scripts


  • Strict usage of domain with or without www
  • Correct language set in HTML tag
  • Charset is set
  • HTML is valid
  • 404-page is available
  • A special print style sheet is in place


  • Correct language set by the server
  • Correct content types set by the server

Web Accessibility Checklist

A quick checklist for web accessibility, which also acts as a great beginners’ guide.


<header role="banner">

Typically your website’s header.

<nav role="navigation">

Navigation of your website, which contains navigation links.

<main role="main">

The one area where content is primarily focused.

<article role="article">

One content item. An example is a single blog post in an index.

<aside role="complementary">

Separated content section that supports the main content.

<footer role="contentinfo">

Footer that contains information about the document such as website author, website ownership, copyright information, links to legal documents, etc…

<form role="search">

Give the end user the ability to search your document or website.

Language Attribute

<html lang="en">

Specify the language of the document.

Document Outline

Use semantic headings and structure


Ensure links have a :focus state

Ensure links are recognizable, such as by underline and different colour then the text.


State what the image is about using alt


Unobtrusive Javascript

Use unobtrusive Javascript.

No-JavaScript Alternatives

Provide an alternative for end users who don’t have JavaScript enabled or where JavaScript is unavailable.


Logical layout

Form controls have label

An example would be: <label for="name">Your Name:</label> <input id="name" type="text">.

Don’t use placeholder attributes instead of the label tag

Group related form elements

Group related form elements with fieldset.

Media (Audio and Video)

Provide text transcripts for audio

Subtitles for videos

Colour and Contrast

Test colour contrast

Colour Blindness Test





Test using a screen reader

Test using only the keyboard

List of Awesome WordPress Resources

The following is a list of useful and helpful WordPress resources that are designed to help you create, build, grow and maintain your WordPress website. The vast majority of these WordPress resources are free but some maybe paid for.

General Info

Generic information and links to help you learn more about WordPress and get access to WordPress.


Downloads (.zip or .tar.gz)

Version control (stable)

These builds roll the latest commits.

  • SVN: svn checkout
  • Git: git clone git://
  • GitHub: git clone

Version control (develop)

These repositories contain source code, tools, and tests.

  • SVN: svn checkout
  • Git: git clone git://
  • GitHub: git clone