#1 Travel News

By creating a travel news list, it’ll allow you to stay up-to-date with current trends or innovations in the travel industry. Plus, get information about problems/conflicts/natural disasters happening in the country you are planning to visit. Perhaps, you may see opportunities to grow your business, i.e. a hotel is expanding by opening a hotel in XYZ; you could review the hotel on your travel blog.

#2 Products and Services

Do you use a product or service? Put the company in a Twitter list. Learn about sales or new products that you can use. Maybe it can lead to brand ambassadorships or job opportunities, such as reviewing or promoting the product/service.

#3 Helpful Resources

This doesn’t need to be travel related. It can be related to growing your social media base or growing your blog, such as WordPress experts. It can also be travel related, such as websites that show discounted travel rates or blogs that help you take advantage of travel points and rewards.

#4 Associations

Keep a list of professional travel associations you are a part of. These associations regularly tweet useful and helpful resources and perhaps even available jobs. In addition, associations usually have code of ethics or standards that members need to follow, which is great for your brand.

#5 Networks

Are you a member of a travel blogger network? Well, keep a list of them, as it helps promote the network and its bloggers.

#6 Brand Ambassadorship

Are you a brand ambassador? Well, create a list of brands you are an ambassador for. It can open further opportunities for you by showing your own brand power.

#7 Companies Worked With

Have you worked with a hotel or travel organization? Keep a list of the companies you worked for. Again, it’s about brand power and shows potential companies that you can potentially help them.

#8 Friends

This is a simple list. It’s just a list of friends, preferably other travel blogger friends, but not necessarily; it can be everyday friends not connected to your travel blog.

#9 Conferences

Do you attend or want to attend any travel conferences? Make a list of them. Know when new conference dates are set, available discounts/early bird discounts, or special events happening at the conference.

#10 Competitors

Make this a private list. Keep a list of competitors and rivals. We all have them. Keeping a list of them, allows you to see anything special that they are doing. Perhaps, they are launching a new website or service. Well, find out about it and potentially create something to compete against it or make something that is better than it.