The following is a list of 50 ideas for post titles that you may use for your travel blog. It’s easy to use the same title for multiple travel blog posts by changing the destination or city name.

  1. 10 Hidden Gems to Discover in [City Name]
  2. A Foodie’s Guide to [Destination]
  3. 48 Hours in [City Name]: The Ultimate Weekend Guide
  4. A Solo Traveler’s Guide to [Destination]
  5. A Family-Friendly Guide to [Destination]
  6. The Best Beaches to Visit in [Destination]
  7. The Most Instagrammable Spots in [City Name]
  8. The Ultimate Road Trip Guide to [Destination]
  9. A Budget Traveler’s Guide to [Destination]
  10. A Luxury Traveler’s Guide to [Destination]
  11. A Hiker’s Guide to [Destination]
  12. The Best National Parks to Visit in [Country Name]
  13. A Backpacker’s Guide to [Destination]
  14. Exploring [City Name]’s Art Scene: A Guide
  15. A Guide to [Destination]’s Nightlife
  16. The Best Museums to Visit in [City Name]
  17. A History Buff’s Guide to [Destination]
  18. A Guide to [Destination]’s Markets and Bazaars
  19. The Best Street Food to Try in [City Name]
  20. A Guide to [Destination]’s Local Festivals and Events
  21. A Winter Wonderland: A Guide to [Destination] in Winter
  22. The Best Ski Resorts in [Country Name]
  23. A Guide to [Destination]’s Wildlife and Nature
  24. A Guide to [Destination]’s Waterfalls
  25. The Best Views in [City Name]
  26. A Guide to [Destination]’s Architecture
  27. A Guide to [Destination]’s Street Art
  28. A Guide to [Destination]’s Religious Sites
  29. The Best Scuba Diving Sites in [Country Name]
  30. A Guide to [Destination]’s Theme Parks
  31. The Best Wine Regions to Visit in [Country Name]
  32. A Guide to [Destination]’s Music Scene
  33. A Guide to [Destination]’s Sports and Activities
  34. A Guide to [Destination]’s Bookstores and Libraries
  35. The Best Day Trips to Take from [City Name]
  36. A Guide to [Destination]’s Mountains
  37. The Best Gardens and Parks to Visit in [City Name]
  38. A Guide to [Destination]’s Caves
  39. A Guide to [Destination]’s Festive Christmas Markets
  40. A Guide to [Destination]’s Historic Landmarks
  41. The Best Hot Springs to Visit in [Country Name]
  42. A Guide to [Destination]’s Volcanoes
  43. A Guide to [Destination]’s Lakes
  44. The Best Rooftop Bars in [City Name]
  45. A Guide to [Destination]’s Castles and Palaces
  46. The Best Water Parks to Visit in [Country Name]
  47. A Guide to [Destination]’s Bridges
  48. A Guide to [Destination]’s Canyons
  49. A Guide to [Destination]’s Public Art
  50. The Best Bike Routes in [Country Name]

I hope that you found these useful!