Add color, font weight, and style to your command line output.


Use npm to install the Colorful CLI package:

npm install colorful-cli


Import the colorize function from the colorful-cli package and use it to add color, font weight, and style to your text.

const colorize = require('colorful-cli');

console.log(colorize('Hello, world!', { color: '#FF0000', fontWeight: 'bold' }));
console.log(colorize('Success!', { color: 'green', fontWeight: 'underline' }));

The colorize function takes two parameters: the text to style and an options object. The options object supports the following properties:

  • color: Specifies the color of the text. You can provide a hex color value (e.g., '#FF0000') or a color name supported by the chalk library.
  • fontWeight: Sets the font weight of the text. Supported values are 'bold', 'dim', 'italic', 'underline', 'inverse', 'hidden', and 'strikethrough'.

(Optional) Additional style options can be explored in the chalk documentation.