Welcome to issue one of Brandon Himpfen's weekly updates, which covers the period of April 26 - May 02, 2020.

Highlights from this issue include 64 new GitHub organizations, code commits and blog posts.

64 updates:

  1. Joined the javascriptweekly organization
  2. Joined the Lens organization
  3. Joined the Node Weekly organization
  4. Joined the Database Weekly organization
  5. Joined the rubyweekly organization
  6. Joined the webopsweekly organization
  7. Joined the sassweekly organization
  8. Joined the htmlweekly organization
  9. Joined the Tech Weekly organization
  10. Joined the Gaming Weekly organization
  11. Created code repo brandontravel/brandontravel.github.io on GitHub
  12. Created code repo brandontravel/www.brandon.travel on GitHub
  13. Made 2 code commits to thisweekingroup/thisweekingroup.github.io
  14. Created code repo gaming-weekly/gaming.boldoutlook.com on GitHub
  15. Created code repo gaming-weekly/gaming-weekly.github.io on GitHub
  16. Created code repo technologyweekly/tech.boldoutlook.com on GitHub
  17. Created code repo technologyweekly/technologyweekly.github.io on GitHub
  18. Created code repo htmlweekly/htmlweekly.github.io on GitHub
  19. Created code repo sassweekly/sassweekly.github.io on GitHub
  20. Created code repo webopsweekly/webopsweekly.github.io on GitHub
  21. Created code repo rubyweekly/rubyweekly.github.io on GitHub
  22. Created code repo databaseweekly/databaseweekly.github.io on GitHub
  23. Created code repo nodeweekly/nodeweekly.github.io on GitHub
  24. Created code repo javascriptweekly/javascriptweekly.github.io on GitHub
  25. Created code repo ghostweekly/ghostweekly.github.io on GitHub
  26. Created code repo wpweekly/wpweekly.github.io on GitHub
  27. Created code repo lensblog/lensblog.github.io on GitHub
  28. Created code repo lensblog/lens.boldoutlook.com on GitHub
  29. Created code repo webdesignweekly/webdesign.boldoutlook.com on GitHub
  30. Created code repo webdesignweekly/webdesignweekly.github.io on GitHub
  31. Created code repo seoweekly/seoweekly.github.io on GitHub
  32. Created code repo seoweekly/seo.boldoutlook.com on GitHub
  33. Created code repo socialmediaweekly/socialmediaweekly.github.io on GitHub
  34. Created code repo socialmediaweekly/socialmedia.boldoutlook.com on GitHub
  35. Made 1 commit to GitHub code repo gaming-weekly/gaming.boldoutlook.com
  36. Made 1 commit to GitHub code repo webdesignweekly/webdesign.boldoutlook.com
  37. Made 1 commit to GitHub code repo socialmediaweekly/socialmedia.boldoutlook.com
  38. Made 1 commit to GitHub code repo seoweekly/seo.boldoutlook.com
  39. Made 1 commit to GitHub code repo lensblog/lens.boldoutlook.com
  40. Made 1 commit to GitHub code repo technologyweekly/tech.boldoutlook.com
  41. Made 1 commit to GitHub code repo travelweekly/travel.boldoutlook.com
  42. Create a new website, Brandon Travel, at https://www.brandon.travel/
  43. New post Live for You at https://www.himpfen.com/live-for-you/
  44. New news post TikTok Adds New 'Adjust Clips' Video Editing Feature at https://www.himpfen.com/tiktok-adds-new-adjust-clips-video-editing-feature/
  45. New post Keep Moving Forward at https://www.himpfen.com/keep-moving-forward/
  46. New news post Reddit Launches New Feature to Initiate Smaller Group Chats in Subreddits at https://www.himpfen.com/reddit-launches-new-feature-initiate-smaller-group-chats-subreddits/
  47. New post Even on your worst day, live like somebody on their best at https://www.himpfen.com/even-on-your-worst-day-live-like-somebody-on-their-best/
  48. New tutorial Fullscreen Masthead using Sass at https://www.himpfen.com/fullscreen-masthead-sass/
  49. New news post Twitter Jumps to 166 Million Daily Users in Q1, Warns of Slowing Ad Spend at https://www.himpfen.com/twitter-166-million-daily-users/
  50. New news post Instagram is Adding New Font Types for Stories at https://www.himpfen.com/instagram-adding-new-font-types-stories/
  51. New photo post Macy's from the Empire State Building at https://www.himpfen.com/macys-empire-state-building/
  52. New photo post Running in Central Park at https://www.himpfen.com/running-central-park/
  53. New photo post Golden Rooftops of New York City at https://www.himpfen.com/golden-rooftops-new-york-city/
  54. New tutorials Masthead using Sass at https://www.himpfen.com/masthead-sass/
  55. New photo post Empire State Building View at https://www.himpfen.com/empire-state-building-view/
  56. New news post TikTok Tests eCommerce Potential with 'Small Gestures' Virtual Gift-Giving at https://www.himpfen.com/tiktok-tests-ecommerce-small-gestures-virtual-gift-giving/
  57. New photo post Madeira Beach Waves at https://www.himpfen.com/madeira-beach-waves/
  58. New post Lens Issue 1 https://www.himpfen.com/lens-issue-1/
  59. New post Social Media Weekly Issue 1 https://www.himpfen.com/social-media-weekly-issue-1/
  60. New post SEO Weekly Issue 1 https://www.himpfen.com/seo-weekly-issue-1/
  61. New post Gaming Weekly Issue 1 https://www.himpfen.com/gaming-weekly-issue-1/
  62. New post Tech Weekly Issue 1 https://www.himpfen.com/tech-weekly-issue-1/
  63. New post Travel Weekly Issue 1 https://www.himpfen.com/travel-weekly-issue-1/
  64. New post Web Design Weekly Issue 1 https://www.himpfen.com/web-design-weekly-issue-1/