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What will OpenAI announce Monday? Quite possibly an AI voice assistant.
Altman confirmed it’s not a ChatGPT search engine or GPT-5 release.
Waymo says its robotaxis are now making 50,000 paid trips every week
Waymo has revealed, as well, that it’s had over one million rider-only trips across four cities.


Thread by @msantoriESQ on Thread Reader App
@msantoriESQ: Last night, @krakenfx fired back at the SEC with its final brief in the motion to dismiss the SEC’s complaint. The SEC had its opportunity to tell the Court what, precisely, is the investment contract...…
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@iamDCinvestor: the fact that L1 gas is staying cheap while simultaneously L2s are absolutely raging and taking off is extremely bullish for Ethereum longterm if you don’t understand, i’ll take the time to explain i...…


Ohio Lottery data breach impacted over 538,000 individuals
The cyber attack on the Ohio Lottery on Christmas Eve exposed the personal data of over 538,000 individuals.
Malicious Go Binary Delivered via Steganography in PyPI
On May 10, 2024, Phylum’s automated risk detection platform alerted us to a suspicious publication on PyPI. The package was called requests-darwin-lite and appeared to be a fork of the ever-popular requests package with a few key differences, most notably the inclusion of a malicious Go binary packed into
Hacking more than 130 000 car worldwide in 5 minutes
Hello everyone, i am Ahmad Mansour, 18y old penetration tester from Lebanon ( Web, API, Network, Active Directory and abit of mobile basic…
Boeing refused to pay $200 million ransomware demand from LockBit gang
Boeing has confirmed that it received a demand for a massive $200 million after a ransomware attack by the notorious LockBit hacking group in October 2023.


OpenAI confirms May 13 event for ‘some ChatGPT and GPT-4 updates’
OpenAI just confirmed it will host a May 13 event to show off new ChatGPT updates, with a search engine expected ahead of Google I/O 2024.
Introducing Command R Fine-Tuning: Industry-Leading Performance at a Fraction of the Cost
Command R fine-tuning offers superior performance on enterprise use cases and costs up to 15x less than the largest models on the market.
Bye-bye bots: Altera’s game-playing AI agents get backing from Eric Schmidt | TechCrunch
Autonomous, AI-based players are coming to a gaming experience near you, and a new startup, Altera, is joining the fray to build this new guard of AI


Google Shopping Ads get conversion annotations
Merchants can enable conversion annotations that showcase a product’s popularity directly in Google Shopping ad listings.
Google Search results without SGE jump to 65%, up from 25%
While the number of Google search queries without SGE results have significantly increased, SGE answers now take up less pixel space.

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Microsoft Donates $1 Million to Rust Foundation
Microsoft has generously donated $1 million to the Rust Foundation, demonstrating its commitment to the Rust programming language and its ecosystem. Rust is a multi-paradigm general-purpose programming language that emphasizes performance, type safety, and concurrency. It ensures memory safety, meaning that all references point to valid memory locations without relying


Apple apologises for hydraulic crush advert that “missed the mark”
Apple has apologised for its iPad Pro advert, which shows creative tools being crushed in a hydraulic press, following a backlash from creatives.

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