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Using MRI, engineers have found a way to detect light deep in the brain
A new way to detect bioluminescence in the brain uses magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The technique, developed at MIT, could enable researchers to explore the inner workings of the brain in more detail than previously possible.
Google is bringing Project Starline’s “magic window” experience to real video calls
Sci-fi video calls.
Apple finally adds iPhone alerts for third-party Bluetooth trackers
Google, Samsung, and Tile also support the new standard.


Thread by @AntonioMJuliano on Thread Reader App
@AntonioMJuliano: dYdX’s vision remains large. It will take decades to build DeFi into everything it will become I feel driven to my continued part in this as the founder & leader of dYdX Towards this goal,...…
SEC Filing Hits Back at Coinbase ‘Power Grab’ Accusations - Decrypt
In a court filing, the SEC argued that Coinbase can’t demand that the regulator write new rules for crypto “from the ground up.”
Thread by @nicrypto on Thread Reader App
@nicrypto: This Bitcoin indicator is flashing! And it’s only happened 2 times in its history. On both occasions, BTC rallied by over 775% in less than a year... So, will it happen again? Let’s dive in 👇...…


IBM’s Granite code model family is going open source
IBM is open sourcing family of Granite code models to make coding as easy as possible — for as many developers as possible.
iOS 18: Apple finalizing deal to bring ChatGPT to iPhone - 9to5Mac
Apple is finalizing an agreement with OpenAI to bring some of its technology to the iPhone this year, according to…
OpenAI says it can now identify images generated by OpenAI — mostly
The company said its new tool correctly identified 98% of images generated by DALL-E 3
Major ChatGPT-4o update allows audio-video talks with an “emotional” AI chatbot
New GPT-4o model can sing a bedtime story, detect facial expressions, read emotions.
Meta is reportedly working on camera-equipped AI earphones
Meta is reportedly developing AI-powered earphones with cameras, aimed at object identification and language translation.


Instagram Says Posting Longer Reels Can Hurt Your Performance
Reels longer than 90 seconds often don’t have the same reach as shorter content, according to IG.
Instagram expands its creator marketplace to 10 new countries | TechCrunch
Over the weekend, Instagram announced that it is expanding its creator marketplace to 10 new countries — this marketplace connects brands with creators to
Killing the Ad-Based Web
Its time has passed.

Web Development

Why React Query?
React Query gets downloaded 3.3 million times a month – this is the story of why it exists and what problems it solves.
Why Patching Globals Is Harmful
Why I believe patching globals is a bad API design.
Amazon S3 will no longer charge for several HTTP error codes
Apple and Google deliver support for unwanted tracking alerts in iOS and Android
Apple and Google have teamed up to deliver support for unwanted Bluetooth tracking alerts in iOS and Android.


Headspace’s Fresh Identity & Offerings Signal New Era of Empowered Well-Being
Headspace expands its efforts to destigmatize and diversify mental health services, with a brand refresh, and new comprehensive resources under the brand umbrella.
Whatsapp’s UI redesign looks clean and fresh
And the Android version looks much more iOS.

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