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Sky is a bootstrap theme designed for techies, technology businesses,  web designers or anyone in general. What makes this theme unqiue is  that the navbar uses RGB / RGBA background values, with a HEX background  as backup for unsupported browsers. Therefore, the colour of the navbar  is dependant upon the colour of the jumbotron – the navbar will be  darker. In addition, the main jumbotron, that is under the navbar, will  have a right (dark) to left (light) gradient, but all of jumbotrons will  not. The footer consists of three sections, each having their own  colour. The colouring is grey, so that it’s neutral, in comparison to  the navbar and main jumbotron.

This theme also has a inverse navbar, which has a black background. The background is black to be in-keeping of the dark navbar.

The HTML template displays HTML elements and bootstrap elements, so when you are customizing the template, you can see it all.