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Western Digital My Passport Wireless Hard Drives on Sale Now

Western Digital is a computer data storage company and one of the largest computer hard disk drive manufacturers in the world. They are currently having a sale on their My Passport Wireless 1TB and 2TB Portable Hard Drives. The My Passport Wireless 1TB hard drive is 23% off and their My Passport Wireless 2TB hard drive is 28% off.

My Passport Wireless is the one drive for all your devices. Life goes faster with no strings attached. Save images and files from all your devices to this single portable drive. Free up space on your tablet and smartphone. Back up or transfer your photos and videos from your SD card to keep on shooting. Portable. It’s one drive with no boundaries.

BONUS: Free case and 32GB SanDisk SD card with purchase!

The sale ends on August 31, 2016 at midnight.

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Bold Outlook was founded in 2006, and is Brandon Himpfen’s digital marketing and web development blog. Bold Outlook’s mission is to help you or your business build a successful online presence. Bold Outlook accomplishes this through digital marketing, programming and web development tutorials, video tutorials, projects and resources. Visit Bold Outlook

HTML Template Yeoman Generator

HTML Template Yeoman Generator will generate an HTML Template-based website or web app. A Yeoman generator is basically a plugin that can be run with the yo command to scaffold complete projects or useful parts. Install the generator. The generator is a NPM package named generator-html-template. npm install -g generator-html-template Now using Yeoman, scaffold a … Continue reading HTML Template Yeoman Generator

HTML Template Plain

HTML Template Plain is an untouched version of HTML Template. Download (zip)Download (tar.gz) Or get HTML Template Plain through Git: git clone Features and What You Get Free and open source code A default favicon file Sample index.html file Sample .htaccess file Humans.txt – humans and tools who built the website robots.txt file – … Continue reading HTML Template Plain