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Web Design and Development. Graphic Designer. World Traveller. Photographer.

Welcome to, also commonly known as Brandon Himpfen. is the personal website for Brandon Himpfen, a web designer, graphic designer, web developer, professional photographer, world traveller and entrepreneur.

This website consists of two main categories: projects and blog. In the projects category you can find Brandon Himpfen’s free themes, open source code, hosted tools and websites. A large part of this is the blog, which provides free web development and digital marketing tutorials, industry news and the ability to follow Brandon Himpfen as he travels the world.


Photography, video and visual blog.

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Digital marketing news and tutorials.

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For those who love travelling alone.

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Blogs for my open source code projects.

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Websites for my open source code projects.

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Tech, business, travel and photo deals.

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Founder of Vine made a new social app called Peach

Dom Hofmann, the founder of Vine, a video social sharing platform acquired by Twitter, has created a new social app called Peach. Peach is a free app that allows you to share updates like you would on Twitter with commands (“magic words”) like the ones you would find on Slack. Type the right magic word…

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False Web Referrals

False Web Referrals is the first list of websites that refer to another website but with no actual backlinks on the website – false referrals. Why would a website do this? The purpose is to spam your analytics software. It’s a way to advertise their product or service. In addition, it provides you with misleading…

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SEO Sentenced To 37 Months In Prison

William Stanley, an SEO, has been sentenced to 37 months in federal prison and ordered to pay $174,888 in restitution for attempting to extort money from a business in Dallas, Texas. According to the complaint, Stanley extorted dozens of identified individuals and businesses by threatening them that he would participate in illegitimate SEO work. In…

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Bing is Now Powering AOL Search

Yesterday, Bing announced that it is now powering AOL’s web, mobile and tablet search by providing paid search ads and algorithmic organic search results. Bing is powering AOL search as of January 1, 2016, as a result of June 2015’s long-term search partnership. Rik van der Kooi, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Search Advertising, states: 1…

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Twitter is Considering a 10,000 Character Limit for Tweets

Twitter, the online social-networking service that operates as a micro-blogging service, is considering allowing up to 10,000 characters per tweet from the current 140 characters. Even though you might be allowed up to 10,000 characters per tweet, the timeline will still be limited to 140 characters but will expand when a user clicks on the…

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Stylus Mixin Libary is Now Available

TORONTO, Canada – February 26, 2015 Brandon Himpfen, a web development and digital marketing consultant, is happy to announce that the initial version of Stylus Mixin Library has been released. Stylus Mixin Libary is a lightweight and powerful mixin library for Stylus. All you have to do is add @import ‘mixins/*’ to your Stylus projects…

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WordPress Search using Typeahead.js

typeahead.js is a fast and fully-featured auto-complete library developed by Twitter and I use it on this website for the search feature – I’ll also will be using it for other parts of this website in the future. You can see more examples here. In plain language, typeahead.js provides best suggestions and recommendations based on…

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How-to Create Clean Search Links in WordPress

When you or a visitor performs a search on a WordPress site, the search result link looks like this: Where Brandon is what your or the visitor was searching for. However, that doesn’t look pretty and if you use permalinks, it does not match the permalink structure, so why not make the search link…

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