Welcome to my comprehensive dataset repository, where I offer a meticulously curated selection of high-quality, diverse datasets tailored to meet the needs of researchers, data analysts, developers, and academic enthusiasts.

My collection of datasets spans a variety of domains, ensuring you have access to the most up-to-date and relevant data for your projects.

  • Airports: List of 5,571 airports with the airports' ID number, name, and longitude and latitude in plain text, CSV, data and Excel file formats.
  • Airlines: List of 556 airlines' names and ID numbers in plain text, CSV, Excel and data file formats.
  • Canadian Cities: List of cities in Canada.
  • Commercial Aircrafts: List of 317 commercial aircraft's ID number and full name in plain text, data, CSV and Microsoft Excel formats.
  • Countries: List of countries in plain text, plain text (comma) and typeahead.js formats.
  • Pet Breeds: A collection of breeds for various pets, such as cats, dogs and birds.
  • Programming Languages: A list of popular programming languages.
  • Roman Catholic Popes: A list of Roman Catholic popes in chronological order.
  • Stop Words: A collection of stop words.
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites: List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites sorted by country and alphabetically.
  • User Agents: A collection of user agents in CSV, Excel and plain text file formats.

I'm committed to the constant updating and expansion of my datasets. Should you require any specific data or format, please feel free to reach out. Take a second to look at my datasets and empower your projects with the data you need to make insightful decisions and innovative creations.