HTML Foundation Template is my HTML Template project that incorporates Zurb’s Foundation front-end framework for creating websites and web apps.

Or get HTML Foundation Template through Git:

git clone

Features and What You Get

  • Free and open source code
  • Sample index.html file that incorporates Foundation
  • A default favicon file
  • Sample index.html file
  • Sample .htaccess file
  • Humans.txt - humans and tools who built the website
  • robots.txt file - web robots rules
  • 403 error page template
  • 404 error page template
  • 500 error page template
  • Browser configuration reference
  • Cross-domain policy file specification
  • Blank directory for your images
  • Example sitemap XML file.
  • Sitemap XML referenced in robots.txt
  • HTML5 shim
  • Modernizr
  • jQuery (Google hosted with fallback)
  • Social media meta tags template