A simple npm package to validate hexadecimal color codes.


You can install the package using npm:

npm install is-hex-color-code


Import the isHex function into your project and use it to check if a value is a valid hexadecimal color code.

const isHex = require('is-hex-color-code');

console.log(isHex('#FFFFFF'));  // Output: true
console.log(isHex('#123abc'));  // Output: true
console.log(isHex('invalid'));  // Output: false
console.log(isHex('#HHJJZZ'));  // Output: false
console.log(isHex('#ACBD'));  // Output: false

The isHex function accepts a color value as input and returns true if it is a valid hexadecimal color code (with or without the # prefix), and false otherwise.