The seo-friendly-urls package is a utility that helps convert strings to SEO-friendly URLs by removing special characters and stop words.


You can install the package using npm:

npm install seo-friendly-urls


To use the "seo-friendly-urls" package, require it in your JavaScript file:

const seoFriendlyUrls = require('seo-friendly-urls');

const input = 'This is a test string!';
const output = seoFriendlyUrls(input);
// Output: "this-is-test-string"

The main function provided by the package is seoFriendlyUrls. It takes an input string and returns a SEO-friendly URL.

How it works

The seoFriendlyUrls function performs the following transformations on the input string:

  • Removes special characters: Special characters such as symbols and punctuation marks are removed from the string.
  • Removes stop words: Common stop words, such as articles and conjunctions, are removed from the string.
  • Converts spaces to hyphens: Any remaining spaces in the string are replaced with hyphens (-).
  • Converts to lowercase: The resulting string is converted to lowercase.

By applying these transformations, the package generates SEO-friendly URLs that are cleaner and more digestable.