Welcome to the 63rd issue of the Desk. The Desk is my weekly newsletter covering newly published content and project updates.

New Tutorials

The Top 15 Cities in the World to Live as an Expat
The allure of starting afresh in a new city, embracing novel cultures, and stepping outside one’s comfort zone has led countless individuals to pack their bags and live as expats.
10 Useful Tips for Securing Your Online Privacy
In today’s digital age, ensuring the security of your online privacy is more important than ever. With the increasing prevalence of cyber threats, it is crucial to take proactive measures to protect your personal information and maintain your online privacy. This article will present ten useful tips…
Ghost vs. Substack: A Comparative Analysis
In the digital age, where blogging platforms and newsletter services have proliferated, two names consistently emerge at the forefront: Ghost and Substack. Both platforms offer unique features, advantages, and disadvantages for content creators and publishers. Let’s look into the intricacies of Ghos…
What is Crawlability?
In the vast and ever-evolving world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), one crucial aspect that website owners and marketers need to understand is crawlability. Crawlability refers to the ability of search engine bots to access and navigate through a website’s pages, gathering information to determ…

New Code Snippets

Working with Enums in TypeScript
Explore how TypeScript enums can be used to represent a set of named constants, making your code more readable and self-explanatory.
Defining a TypeScript Interface
Learn how to create a TypeScript interface to define the structure of complex data objects, providing better type checking and code documentation.
Pattern Matching in Rust
Discover how to use pattern matching to match and process different cases for enum types in Rust.
Error Handling with Result in Rust
Understand how to handle errors gracefully in Rust by using the Result enum for functions that can return errors.
Basic Vector Manipulation in Rust
Explore the fundamentals of working with vectors in Rust, including adding, removing, and iterating over elements.
Reading User Input in Rust
Learn how to read and display user input in Rust using standard input/output.
Array Manipulation in Julia
Discover how to work with arrays in Julia, including adding elements and iterating through them.
File Handling in Swift
Read from and write to files in Swift, enabling data persistence and retrieval.


I've launched Pages, which is a collection of single-pages that are designed to be present information through tables or graphs. Here are a few pages that I've created thus far:

Digital Nomad Visas
The advent of remote work has revolutionized the way people work and travel, leading to the emergence of digital nomads. In response to this growing trend, numerous countries across the globe have introduced digital nomad visas, enabling individuals to work and live in their territories. In this com…
Special Characters
The following is a list of special characters. Special characters are symbols that are created using a special code.
Affordable Expat-Friendly Cities
This table provides an overview of expat-friendly cities around the world known for their affordability, where a monthly budget of under $1,000 (in $USD) can cover essential expenses such as housing, food, transportation, healthcare, utilities, and entertainment. These cities offer budget-conscious…
Cryptocurrency Regulation and Adoption by Country
This table provides a comprehensive snapshot of the regulatory landscape, government stance, and general populace adaptation towards cryptocurrency in various countries. It encompasses key legal frameworks, the primary regulatory bodies, any government involvement in crypto, and a general sense of h…


I'm glad to announce a new hosted tool: Blog Membership ARR Calculator - Use the Blog Membership ARR Calculator to calculate the ARR of your blog's membership.

Brandon Himpfen Tools - Blog Membership ARR Calculator


Updated GitHub Repos

GitHub - brandonhimpfen/pages
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GitHub - brandonhimpfen/travel-guides
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GitHub - brandonhimpfen/projects
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GitHub - brandonhimpfen/himpfen.xyz
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GitHub - brandonhimpfen/affiliate-links
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GitHub - brandonhimpfen/donate
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Weekly Newsletters

I've launched two new weekly newsletters: Java Weekly and Design Weekly. Plus, I've relaunched Web Development Weekly and Digital Marketing Weekly.

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Cryptocurrency Weekly Issue 20
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Java Weekly Issue 1
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I would check out the following news articles and blog posts.

Equifax Fined $13.5 Million Over 2017 Data Breach
UK’s financial watchdog FCA imposes a £11 million (approximately $13.5 million) fine to Equifax over the 2017 data breach.
Reddit is killing blockchain-based Community Points | TechCrunch
Citing scaling issues, Reddit is shutting down its blockchain-based Community Points in favor of prioritizing other rewards programs.
EU Formally Agrees on New Crypto Tax Data Sharing Rules
The rules, set to be published in the EU’s official journal, force crypto firms to report on customers’ holdings to be shared between tax authorities.
Apple introduces new Apple Pencil, bringing more value and choice to the lineup
Today, Apple is bringing more choice to iPad users with a new, more affordable Apple Pencil.
Node.js 21 Available Now! - OpenJS Foundation
The release of Node.js 21 is available now! Node.js 21 replaces Node.js 20 as our current release line, and Node.js 20 is being promoted to long-term support (LTS). What’s the…
After ChatGPT disruption, Stack Overflow lays off 28 percent of staff
The popular developer forum is still hunting for a “path to profitability.”
Blue Origin’s New Spacecraft Can Build Projects in Space
The Blue Ring spacecraft, set to launch sometime in 2025, functions as a maneuverable platform that can host, transport, and refuel other spacecraft.