Adding an SSL trust seal can increase trust from someone wanting to purchase from you and therefore increase the likelihood of them completing the order.

Create and activate a plugin using the following code:

Plugin Name: EDD Checkout SSL Trust Seal 
Plugin URI: 
Description: Adds an SSL trust seal on the EDD checkout page. 
Version: 0.1.0 
Author: Brandon Himpfen 
Author URI: 

function edd_ssl_during_stripe() { 
Add HTML here... 
add_action( 'edd_after_cc_expiration', 'edd_ssl_during_stripe' );

The SSL trust seal will be placed at the bottom of the Easy Digital Downloads Checkout page.

You can customize the appearance of the SSL trust seal using CSS. Example:

#edd_purchase_form_wrap .class-name {


With .class-name being the CSS class from the HTML used in the plugin code

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