Google has recently rebranded its AI-powered workspace assistant Duet as Gemini, expanding its availability across various Google Workspace products.

Gemini enables Workspace users to engage in natural conversations to foster idea generation, summarization, and more.

Key Features of Gemini:

  • Natural Conversations: Users can engage in natural conversations to facilitate idea generation and summarization within Workspace.
  • Gemini Web Experience: Google has launched a dedicated Gemini web experience at for direct conversations.
  • Privacy and Security: Google asserts that Gemini conversations are private, not utilized for ads or enhancing AI models, and safeguarded by enterprise-grade security and copyright indemnification.

Introducing Gemini Business and Gemini Enterprise:

Google's research highlighted significant interest among small and medium-sized businesses in leveraging generative AI tools. In response, Google is introducing two distinct offerings:

  • Gemini Business: Aimed at catering to the productivity needs of small businesses and teams, combining human expertise with AI capabilities.
  • Gemini Enterprise: Tailored for heavy generative AI users, providing full access to Gemini’s capabilities with enhanced features.

Google has indicated plans to extend Gemini for Workspace to the education sector, with further details anticipated in the near future.

Pricing Plans:

Google offers two pricing tiers for Gemini for Workspace:

  • Gemini Business: Priced at $20 per user per month, suitable for teams and organizations starting to adopt AI.
  • Gemini Enterprise: Available at $30 per user per month, designed for heavy generative AI users.

Google One AI Premium Subscription:

Users subscribed to Google One AI Premium can seamlessly utilize Gemini through integrations with Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Meet applications.

The Google One AI Premium subscription is priced at $20 monthly, offering a two-month free trial for new users.

Availability & Accessibility:

Gemini is now rolling out to Google One AI Premium Plan members across over 150 countries in English. The service is accessible to users on the Premium plan, which provides 2TB of storage and additional benefits.

With Gemini's introduction, Google aims to empower Workspace users with enhanced AI capabilities, fostering collaboration and productivity across various sectors and business sizes.

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