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Whether your goal is to enhance your skills as a technologist or photographer, or if you're seeking to improve your travel experiences by discovering ways to travel more efficiently, for extended periods, and at lower costs, I have a range of resources available to assist you.

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Bootstrap Jumbotron Background Cover Image

In Bootstrap, a jumbotron is a lightweight and flexible component to showcase key content on your website, web app or blog. By default, a jumbotron is light grey. You can change the colours but what if you wanted to use a background image. The background image should expand the full...

Material Design Bootstrap Buttons using Sass

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how-to create Bootstrap buttons based on Material Design’s colour palette using Sass stylesheet language. Example of what we will create: HTML To add a Material Design Bootstrap button to your website, web app or blog use the following HTML code:...

15 LinkedIn Mistakes to Avoid

On April 18, 2014, LinkedIn announced that it had passed over 300 million members. Thus, it’s important to avoid these mistakes in order to look professional and to succeed on LinkedIn: 1. Do not leave your profile incomplete. Fill out each section and complete LinkedIn recommendations; 2. Do not...

15 Twitter Mistakes to Avoid

In a previous post, I talked about 15 mistakes to avoid when it comes to LinkedIn. In this post, I’m going to carry on with that theme, mistakes to avoid in social media, with 15 mistakes to avoid on Twitter. 1. You don’t engage your followers; 2. Don’...

5 Common Website Redesign Mistakes

According to Netcraft’s February 2014 Survey, there are about 920,102,079 active websites. By active websites, I mean websites that return a 200 OK response. That’s a lot of websites. With the development of content management system software like WordPress and Drupal, managing websites is a breeze....

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